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Hongkong Post e-Cert (Server) with "Multi-domain" Feature

e-Cert (Server) with "Multi-domain" feature enables the use of the certificate for identifying up to 50 server names owned by the Subscriber Organisation, with validity of 1 year. The server names may be of different domain names owned by the Subscriber Organisation. For example, an e-Cert (Server) with "Multi-domain" feature can be used to identify the following server names under different domains:

  • www.eCert.gov.hk
  • eCert.gov.hk
  • www.e-Cert.gov.hk
  • www.eCert.hk
  • www.電子核證.gov.hk


  • An e-Cert (Server) with "Multi-domain" feature identifies one server name by default. If more than one server name is to be identified in the certificate, the additional server names have to be specified in the application, and extra fee per additional server name is required.
  • No wildcard character (i.e. an asterisk "*") will be allowed as part of any server name.
  • All server names cannot be changed after the certificate is issued.
  • The certificate contains "digital signature" Key Usage, Subject Alternative Name field and Extended Key Usage field in the certificate. For details, please refer to Appendix B of the Certification Practice Statement ("CPS").
  • The digital signatures supported by an e-Cert (Server) with "Multi-domain" feature are to be used only for server authentication and for establishment of secure communication channels with the server. The digital signatures cannot be used for negotiation or conclusion of a contract or any legally binding agreement or any monetary transactions.
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